Homecoming 2022

Bro Glen Mecum – Bring Him Benjamin

Bro Shad McDonald – The Ministry of Mending

Bro Bill Preskitt – God Takes Care Of his Own

Bro Bill Parks – Conflicting Voices

Bro Brent Gabbard – Don’t Quit Yet

Bro Bill Parks – Life In Giloh

Bro Shad McDonald – Again, For The First Time

Bro Steve Shaneyfelt – The Road To Jacob’s Trouble

Bro Bill Parks – It Won’t Always Be A Storm

Bro Chad Everett – God Doesn’t Want To Leave You Out

Bro Shad McDonald – Get Out While You Can

Bro Jamie Holcomb – We Need To Keep On

Bro Dennis Heath – Proving The Evidence Is True

Bro Zach Cordle – Saints In Cesar’s House

Bro Shad McDonald – A Lasting Legacy

Bro Jerry Kazee – The Lord Knows How To Deliver

Bro John Gabbard – Under The Fig Tree

Bro Jeremy Sipe – Friday Night

Bro Shad McDonald – Shaken, But Not Free